Fiber Optic Cabling Company Atlanta GAIf you want to get the advantages of a structured cabling system, you will first have to switch from your outdated point-to-point cabling system.

Point-to-point makes it hard for a network to expand and increase its capabilities with new technology. As networks get bigger, rapid transmittals of large volumes of data become even more important, and doing so is very difficult with a point-to-point system.

In order to cope, a growing number of companies are making the transition to structured cabling. Below are the advantages for those who modernize.

Aids Future Planning

The effective service life of a cabling system averages 15 years, which is up to three times the lifespan of most devices. It will be impossible to perfectly project the growth of your business and the IT equipment your company will acquire. Fortunately, a structured cabling system can play a significant part in future proofing your IT infrastructure.

Decreases Repair Downtime

A structured cabling system is divided into several groups of devices that are connected to their own local cabling panel. This configuration will help your IT staff find problems and solve them faster. In addition, the work of employees will not suffer disruption if the cabling panel that is being serviced is not connected to their devices.


Structured cabling will ease the process of replacing devices as your business grows. IT staff can quickly disconnect an outdated device and connect a new one to the nearest cabling panel. Making changes in the network itself as your company expands will also be much easier and faster.

Investment for the Future

Making the switch from a point-to-point to structured cabling system will not be inexpensive. Installation expenses can range from $100 to $500 per connection. Organizations located in older buildings that have limited easy access to ceilings and subfloors should anticipate more costs. However, the outlay will eventually bring dividends by enabling employees to become more productive and reducing IT expenses over time.

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