Ranging from basic communications to sophisticated internet-enabled devices, there are many interconnections within every IT infrastructure. Thus, a large volume of data is generated, which data centers process and store for accessibility. As a result, data centers have become an important component of modern companies. They provide data backup, recovery, cloud storage, processing power, and more.

Over time data centers have been evolving as the cost of technology has decreased even as it has become more complex. Complexity has made data center management much more difficult, including the aspect of cabling infrastructure.

Data center cabling is significantly different from a building’s cabling. Typically, data center cabling is much shorter in length with higher bandwidth. One cabinet may contain 24 to 96 connections, depending on whether fiber or copper cables are used.

Poorly planned cabling infrastructure will result in chaos in a data center, especially when something goes wrong. Each downtime minute may cost your company and its customers major financial losses. Fortunately, a data center that is well managed can resolve most issues quickly. Properly designed, installed, and managed cabling infrastructure makes this possible as discussed by the tips below.

Network Team Consultation

How well ideal cabling infrastructure will work is dependent on its design. Thus, prior to space allocation for the creation of a data center, there should be significant consultations with the network team to determine their space requirements and network design ideas.

Installation Manual

Proper cabling infrastructure management will depend on the documentation of the installation of cables because as is often the case the original installation team will not be available in the future for consultation when MACs (moves, additions, and changes) are required. An installation manual should be created by the original installation team to facilitate MACs in the future. Proper documentation can decrease downtime and minimize business losses.

Part 2 will discuss Structured Cabling, Copper & Fiber Combination, Horizontal & Vertical Wire Managers, and Positioning & Support System.

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