As discussed in Part 1, properly designed, installed, and managed cabling infrastructure is crucial for the success of a data center. Part 2 will discuss Structured Cabling, Copper & Fiber Combination, Horizontal & Vertical Wire Managers, and Positioning & Support System.

Structured Cabling

Unstructured and structured are the two types of cabling systems. Unstructured cabling does not utilize patch panels for deploying optical links. As a result, cables are scattered, causing data center congestion. In contrast, structured cabling systems provide greater control by using panel patches. Although structured cabling requires more up-front investment, it increases the service life of cabling, while allowing for scalability.

Copper & Fiber Combination

Most experts today agree that the ideal approach for structured cabling is combining the usage of copper and fiber optic cables for a mix of economy and efficiency. Copper cables cost less than fiber, but they are heavier and require more area in a data center. Fiber optic cables cost more than copper, but they provide greater bandwidths, greater heat resistance, and allow more ventilation as they require less space.

Horizontal & Vertical Wire Managers

A horizontal wire manager allows patches and cords to be routed properly. It also eliminates wiring being scattered on the floor of a data center. Coming in various sizes and with different features, horizontal wire managers come with a door or without a door. The door feature allows you to conceal cables for a neater appearance.

A vertical wire manager provides great support to cabling through the use of spools and waterfalls. Choosing the correct size for a vertical wire manager is important. Experts advise selecting a 4 to 10 inch depth and a maximum width of 10 inches. It is also crucial to ensure there is adequate space for future expansion.

Positioning & Support System

Lighter cables should be mounted above heavier cables to ensure they are not overly stressed, which shortens their service lives. Prior to installation, sufficiently plan all support systems to ensure better cabling routing throughout the data center.

Progressive Office Cabling

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