An IT infrastructure composed of several standard components, a structured cabling system can be installed in a building, a facility, or throughout a campus. Properly designed and installed, this type of network cabling is capable of supporting rapidly advancing technology.


The term “structured cabling” itself makes many assume that this system is made up of only data center cables. However, this is not true. Actually, a structured cabling system is designed to run through an entire building or campus, located in dedicated areas with various points.


In addition to cables, solutions for structured cabling include hardware ports, network cabinets, racks, and other equipment. These individual components function together as members of a system.


The main features of a structured cabling system are termed “subsystems.” Typically, subsystems are located throughout a facility. It is crucial during the design phase to properly determine where each subsystem will be located on the premises of your business. The following will discuss the six subsystems.

Location for Structured Cabling


Entrance Facilities – This area is the location where a facility’s wiring starts and where the phone company’s wiring terminates.


Equipment Rooms – Rooms inside the building or campus that house equipment or consolidation points.


Backbone Cabling – Made up of inter-building and intra-building cable connections.


Horizontal Cabling – Wiring in the flooring that connects telecommunications rooms to outlets or work areas.


Telecommunications Room – This is where the backbone cabling and horizontal cabling are connected.


Work Area Components – These are connections between an end user’s equipment and the horizontal cabling system’s outlets.


Designing the System


The installation of the solutions for structured cabling will be preceded by planning their configuration during the design phase of the system. This process must consider factors such as heat, airflow, and cooling.


A cabling installation company will assist you in the design of a structured cabling system that will meet your existing and future needs. They will help ensure that the above six subsystems and their cabling will work together to support your business and technical requirements.


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