Data centers are an increasingly important feature of modern companies. The main objective of data center design is to meet an organization’s business and technical requirements.

Another goal of data center design is the optimization of IT resources, which will increase efficiency, decrease operational expenses, reduce environmental impact, and generate more revenue. To this end, ways to improve the cooling systems, energy efficiency, and infrastructure are being sought to maximize performance.

The following discusses three best practices of data center design that help optimize IT resources and maximize performance. They will also help organizations future proof their data centers, allowing greater flexibility and scalability as business conditions evolve over time.

1) Modular Solutions

A modern data center must be capable of adapting to new technology and meeting the demands of a company’s business requirements. Data centers should be able to deploy swiftly, minimize costs, and efficiently perform MACs (moves, additions, and changes). Structured cabling solutions make all of these possible.

Keep in mind that infrastructure development and expansion should be carried out in a balanced manner, installing only necessary equipment and scaling only to the needed size. As it grows, infrastructure needs to continue supporting the typical topologies, including EoR (end of racks), MoR (middle of racks), and such as ToR (top of racks), and modular solutions to help make this possible.

In addition to customization and standardization benefits, modular solutions also provide flexibility and scalability. Modular also conserves time and effort, easing projects that involve expansion.

The use of modular solutions allows data center elements and associated devices to collaborate with each other. In addition, a company will be capable of adjusting and revising its network infrastructure during a technology upgrade, while avoiding a significant disruption of its business.

Part 2 will discuss Performance Emphasis and Use of Space.

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