As discussed in Part 1, data centers are an increasingly important feature of modern companies. The main objective of data center design is to meet an organization’s business and technical requirements. Part 2 will discuss Performance Emphasis and Use of Space.

2) Performance Emphasis

In order to improve network performance, apply best practices for the use of cabinets, racks, and cable management, which are key components of structured cabling. The following lists several tips for raising the performance level of a data center:

• Select proper cabling solutions that can support both copper and fiber.

• In order to maximize channel efficiency and performance, utilize a cabling solution that features co-engineered cable and connectivity.

• Install cabinets that are flexible and scalable, along with racks featuring adjustable rails, airflow management, and cabling support & protection.

• Work with a manufacturer that is knowledgeable about current trends and emerging technology.

3) Use of Space

Infrastructure should be designed to be capable of supporting both flexibility and scalability. Space is one of the most important resources of a data center, and it is very important to optimize its use.

As IoT (Internet of Things) and new technologies emerge, space management will become more of a challenge due to unpredictability. Space conservation will grow in importance as free areas of a data center become increasingly limited. However, cramming floor space with equipment won’t ensure efficiency. Below lists several tips for optimizing data center space.

• Select spacious cabinets and racks that can support heavy objects.

• Choose cable management that supports existing cable density, future growth, increased airflow, and usage of both copper and fiber.

• Select connectivity that sustains high density and mixed media.

• Choose cables which feature smaller exterior diameters.

• Conserve space by patching outside the cabinet and racks.

• Select space solutions that support overhead conduits and pathways.

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