As discussed in Part 1, sound planning and implementation of the best practices of structured cabling will allow organizations to optimize the dependability and efficiency of their data center cabling. Part 2 will discuss five more cabling tips for manageable data centers.

6) Label for Organization

Each cable should be labeled on both ends; this also applies to patch cables and short runs. This maintains organization and saves time during MACs (moves, additions, and changes). As mentioned previously, stay consistent with your color coding scheme.

7) Measure Twice to Cut Once

Although it is an old saying, it also applies to modern cabling. Being careful in measurements will save resources in terms of cable and time, preventing wasted cabling.

8) Stay Neat Using Short Patch Cables

When servers in a rack are close to each other, avoid using patch cables that have excessive slack. First, it looks bad aesthetically. Second, unnecessary sections of cable may result in tangling, kinking, and disorganization. Third, extra lengths may block ventilation, raising the temperature in the data center.

9) Test to Save Time

After a cable is installed, it’s smart to test it immediately. If it does not pass, redo the installation to see if it addresses the problem. If not, replace the cable with another. Testing saves headaches down the road that will take more time and effort to fix.

10) Use Cable Friendly Design

During the planning of your data center, think of designing using a cable-friendly approach. For example, a rack should not be placed in a spot that will make it extremely difficult to have a cable run. Poor design may force you to install cable runs along the floor or hanging from the ceiling. It is also important to future proof the design to make expansion possible as the organization grows.

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