structured cabling, cable installation,cablingA business cabling project can be a challenge to properly design, install, and accomplish on schedule. The key to success is finding an experienced team that will provide structured cabling services of high quality. Ask for references from companies that worked with them before and had a similar project. The following discusses the top ten tips for business data cabling to help you prepare for your company’s project.

Avoid Electrical Cables

Consisting of unshielded twisted pairs of wire inside, data cabling generates a magnetic field needed to allow it to function properly. Unfortunately, its unshielded feature means it’s unprotected from the magnetic field produced by electrical cables. As a result, data cabling should not be installed along side electrical cables.

Cable Management

Cable management is essential for a properly working network. It eases both maintenance and expansion. Although buying racks and other management tools are additional costs, they make revisions, addition, and replacement easier. Follow standard structured cabling best practices for labeling and color coding cables to promote efficiency.

Data and Voice Together

With the ascendance of VoIP telephone and Cloud PBX systems, along with the reduction of the cost of cables, companies are increasingly running both internal phone and data transmissions over the same network. However, this should be in conjunction with maintaining a single external phone line at the point of entrance. This safeguards an organization’s telecommunications capability even if internet is unavailable.

Interference Should Be Avoided

Similar to the problem presented by electrical cables, data cabling should not be installed near motors, fluorescent lighting, and any device that generates electrical or magnetic interference.

Length Limitations

The standard limitation for a length of cable is approximately 90 meters (roughly 295 ft.). There are specific instances and types of cable where the length can be longer or shorter, but that is on a case by case basis.

Part 2 will discuss Maintaining Standards, Planning Well, Respecting Regulations, Staying Up-to-Date, and Testing Infrastructure.

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