The foundation of every modern company is solid IT infrastructure. Being capable of managing and storing important and sensitive data allows a business to focus on growing its business and generating revenue. However, many organizations do not invest adequate resources to meet this end. It is not uncommon for some to use the break/fix model, rather than employing a sustained, consistent effort with structured cabling to future-proof their businesses.

Structured Cabling

Installed in a building or campus, structured cabling is the backbone of IT infrastructure. It is a comprehensive approach made up of several technical aspects, and is the standard set forth by the Electronics Industry Alliance/Telecommunications Industry Association (EIA/TIA).

Running point-to-point, traditional cabling connects directly to hardware by utilizing jumpers or patches. MACs (moves, additions, and changes) are difficult because the increasing number of cables, along with their lengths and lack of planning, will tend to make IT infrastructure more complex and disorganized over time as a company grows. As a result, MACs can become time consuming and costly.

In contrast, structured cabling uses a series of trunks or patch panels that can connect to hardware. Patch panels then connect to another patch panel inside the Main Distribution Area (MDA), which is the nerve center of every structured cabling system.
MACs at the MDA can be performed with ease by using short patch cords. Unlike traditional cabling, structured cabling supports growing businesses that need to revise, upgrade or expand its IT infrastructure.

A MDA is the central component of structured cabling. Another key component is the data center rack, which is a steel and electronic framework designed to house cables, networking devices, servers, and various other computing equipment. Structured cabling provides the best practices for connecting, for example, two racks or two rooms of a data center.

Part 2 will discuss the Benefits of Structured Cabling.

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