As discussed in Part 1, the foundation of every modern company is solid IT infrastructure. However, many organizations use the break/fix model, rather than employing a sustained, consistent effort with structured cabling to future-proof their businesses. Part 2 will discuss the Benefits of Structured Cabling.

Benefits of Structured Cabling

Upgrading your company’s IT infrastructure by installing structured cabling will help boost the performance of your business by meeting its current and future technical and business requirements. Below are the four key benefits from deploying structured cabling at your business.

1) Availability Increased

IT infrastructure downtime can cost a business thousands of dollars per hour. One of the most important objectives of structured cabling is minimizing downtime. This is accomplished by using high-quality equipment and using structured cabling’s best practices for organizing cable installations. This makes MACs (moves, additions, and changes) much faster, decreasing downtime while these tasks are performed.

2) Future Proofing

Providing greater availability, improved performance, increased capability, and up-to-date technology, structured cabling helps future-proof a business by ensuring its IT infrastructure is capable of meeting business and technical needs today as well as tomorrow. As bandwidth demand grows because of the implementation of complex software solutions, the increasing role of big data, and the expanding use of video, your company needs to be future-proofed in order to remain competitive.

3) Improved Performance

An investment in structured cabling will improve the performance of its IT infrastructure, which will also help how a business and its employees perform daily. Upgraded technical capability can help a company provide better services by increasing its ability to work faster and more efficiently. Greater capability also helps generate more revenue.

4) Scalability for Growth

As time passes, a company will typically grow and evolve in many ways. Structured cabling allows an organization to have an IT infrastructure that is capable of quickly adapting to current business conditions. This agility provides valuable flexibility, giving a company the ability to quickly install software or hardware solutions that will allow it to scale and meet growing demand.

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