Infrastructure is composed of numerous components, and the cabling component is often overlooked by most users when it functions well. However, it immediately gets noticed when it fails or affects performance and efficiency.

Improper Cabling Installation

Office Cabling, Progressive Office CablingWhen cabling is faulty, the resulting effect is the loss of connectivity. However, poor planning or deployment of cabling can worsen and prolong the situation. If cables are hard to access or they were not color coded correctly to facilitate identification, fixing problems will be more costly, take more time and effort to complete, and cause longer downtimes. In addition, standard maintenance will be more onerous to carry out. As a result, IT personnel may be reluctant to carry out regular maintenance tasks, which will increase the chances of breakdowns and the loss of productivity.

The installation of cabling’s quality will significantly affect a network’s dependability. What seems minor, such as the bending of cable, can determine the service life of a network and the rate of defects. The bending of cable beyond their recommended limits may result in the decrease of network performance and even loss of connectivity.

Proper Planning

Cabling has the longest lifespan of all the components of a network’s infrastructure. Typically, the investment will be about 10% of the total cost of a network. The use of best practices for the installation of structured cabling will decrease the expenses involved in installation as well as materials. Proper installation will also result in the reduction of operational costs over the service life of a cabling installation.

As the installation of cables will make it necessary to route cables along and through ceilings, floors, and walls, the process will be quite disruptive to employees and the business itself. Thus, it would be wise to carry out an installation of structured cable properly from the outset, preventing costly overhauls and frequent changes and repairs.

Part 2 will discuss Long-Term Growth and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Progressive Office Cabling

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