Your organization is planning to install a new structured cabling solution in your facility, and you expect improved connections, speedier information transmissions, and greater productivity. However, you may not know what to expect from a structured cabling provider. The following will discuss what to anticipate from their team.

Consult & Recommend

Sometimes a structured cabling provider specializes in standardized solutions that meet only specific requirements. Working with one may leave you with fixes for the short term, rather than a stable infrastructure for the long term.

It would be wise to seek solutions that will support your company’s future objectives. A team that creates sound infrastructure will discuss your current and future requirements, along with reviewing your present needs and infrastructure, in order to make proper recommendations.

Future Proof

The investment that your company will make in cabling solutions should address long term business and technical requirements. The network foundation of your company should be a structured cable solution.

The provider’s task revolves around building value for both the present and the future.
The network infrastructure will be the basis of your organization’s business and should have a service life ranging from 10 to 15 years.

Supply Hardware of High Quality

Cabling providers that supply high quality equipment build network infrastructure that will be more durable and have a longer lifespan. The installation of substandard equipment will probably result in future problems that may be costly.

Utilizing inferior hardware unable to meet future needs will negatively impact the running of applications. The best cabling providers will work to ensure that the hardware they will install will be of a quality that will be able to cope with trends such as the rapid growth of data usage.

Certified Professionals

Work with a structured cabling provider that has been certified by BICSI, the global organization for professionals of the cabling industry that is the leader in training and standards. Hiring a cabling designer with a RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) certification will also help ensure sound design and planning.

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