cable,cabling,installation ,Washington DCDuring your consideration of the kind of cable that should be selected for your IT network, several factors come into play. One of the decisions you will need to make is whether to use copper or fiber optic cabling.

Copper certainly has plusses. It is already installed in numerous sites and is less costly for connecting network components. Although fiber optic cabling has a higher price tag, it has key advantages that make it more attractive than copper for creating structured cabling infrastructure.

The following are five reasons why most cable professionals select fiber optic over copper cabling.


Fiber optic cables have longer service lives than copper, decreasing maintenance costs and downtimes from replacements. Although fiber optic wires are made of glass, copper wires are more susceptible to being damaged.

Fiber Optic is Faster

When evaluating the transmission of copper wire to that of fiber optic, the contest can be simplified to the comparison of the speed of electrons to the speed of photons. Although C transmissions do not move at the speed of light, they are still extremely fast by moving just 31% slower than the speed of light!

Low Attenuation

Over long distances, fiber optic cables will undergo much less signal loss than copper. This quality is termed “low attenuation.” Due to attenuation, copper cables are capable of transmitting information up to a maximum of 9,328 ft, when it then loses power. In contrast, fiber optic cables are capable of transmissions up to 24.8 miles.

Resistance to EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)

If improperly installed, copper cables will generate electromagnetic currents that result in EMI inside nearby wires, which can cause serious problems throughout a network. On the other hand, fiber optic cables are not conductors of electricity.


Fiber optic cabling is safer because it won’t be a fire hazard. The reason is no electrical current travels through fiber optic cables.

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