As discussed in Part 1, companies that have outdated cabling infrastructure will suffer from equipment unreliability and more network downtime. Your team should install a modern structured cabling system as soon as possible as it will provide several key benefits. Part 2 will discuss Promotes Safety, Future Proofing, Wireless Backup, and IoT Capable.


4) Promotes Safety – Structed cabling promotes safety because installing, organizing, maintaining, and storing cables will be easier. By using the best practices of this system, messy and tangled cabling will be eliminated. Your facility will be safer by reducing the risk of injuries from trips and falls, equipment damage, electrical shocks, and fire caused by overheated equipment.


5) Future Proofing – A structured cabling system will allow your company to build a centralized network. This will ease MACs (moves, additions, and changes) by allowing your technicians to implement upgrades of hardware and software more efficiently and faster. A structured cabling system eases carrying out future proofing on a regular basis, helping ensure that your network is up-to-date technologically.


6) Wireless Backup – Point-to-point cabling is primarily intended for wired networks, limiting wireless options. To ensure availability, modern networks must provide a secondary option in the event there is a wired network failure. Structured cabling will allow your network to have a failsafe configuration where a wireless network will automatically activate if the wired network fails. This ensures continuity and your staff will remain productive.


7) IoT Capable – IoT (Internet of Things) can help an organization in the automation of business operations, energy management, inventory tracking, and many other tasks. Structured cabling makes it easier to have faster connections and more options for wireless applications, which IoT requires. Being IoT capable will make your business more competitive on the tech battlefield of the future, allowing it to scale wider and faster.


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