Advantages of Upgrading to Fiber Optic Cabling for a Business

Fiber optic cabling has a reputation for speeding up gaming and streaming. While that is true, businesses too can benefit from upgrading to fiber optic cabling for their network, and Progressive Office Cabling has assembled some of the key reasons why:

Fiber Optic Cabling is Durable

Other forms of wiring might work well but are not equipped to deal with extremes. These extremes, such as temperatures, severe thunderstorms, and dust, can send a system crashing. This will result in high repair and replacement costs. Fiber optic cabling sends pulses with light instead of electricity, making them the perfect match for what nature can throw its way.

Increased Internet Speeds

If there is one benefit that both residential and commercial can benefit from, it is access to higher internet speeds. Fiber optic cabling can run circles around copper wiring when uploading, downloading, and more. This will allow your business to get work done online more efficiently.

Increased Signal Strength

When signals are strong, data quickly travels from place to place. On top of that, tampering is reduced, ensuring it safely gets to its destination without any additional bugs or tweaks. Unlike other cabling methods, fiber optic can maintain full signal strength as data travels, ensuring that data is shared correctly and efficiently.

Cost Effective

Many companies believe that the cost of installing fiber optics is through the roof. However, that is not the case, mainly when you use Progressive Office Cabling to perform the installation. Not only can businesses enjoy faster connection speeds and better data transfer, but also less maintenance and more reliability over time.


Most businesses have one goal in mind – to keep on growing. With that comes the need to constantly scale up, adjusting connection speeds to growth. Unlike other cabling network systems, fiber optics has what it takes to keep up with growth by maintaining connection integrity even when needs increase.

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