Network Cabling, Data Cabling,basket type cable trayThe basket type of cable tray is made from wire lattice. The tray provides a foundation for data cables and it facilitates cable management since wires are mounted along and inside the tray. Data cabling is generally smaller but heavier than electrical wires because they are bundled and carried by these trays. A solid steel tray is preferred if heavier cables will be installed but steel is more vulnerable to rusting and exposure to elements. On the other hand, basket trays are lighter than solid racks.

The basket makes cable management and distribution less complicated

because the cables are positioned inside the basket instead of pulling through the piping. It also simplifies cable installation because tugging and pushing through pipes takes more time and the process is fairly difficult. On the contrary, you simply place the cables in the basket. The baskets function like pipelines. And they are open and allow for quick access to the cables. The trays also protect the cabling. This makes baskets more preferred over other materials for cable management.

You can make adjustments and improvements easily because of the open layout. Aside from being lighter, installation is usually completed within one day. There are few accessories and customized fittings are not required. All you need is a connector, wrench, screwdriver (straight blade) and bolt cutter. There are different models such as the 2″ x 2″ grid wire basket. It offers two times the support of 2″ x 4″ brands. The basket also provides more stable and safe support of sensitive telecommunications and fiber optic cables. A tighter grid creates a more durable wire mesh cable tray.

You should also consider the safety “T-Weld” Design. It has an advantage over other options because it eliminates sharp edges. It also helps prevent possible damage to cables. The basket tray also protects installers from pointed wire ends.

Users should be aware that data cable management is one of the most essential aspects of data design and operations. The performance, consistency and flexibility of data centers are related to the efficient implementation of cable management. The absence of or presence of inadequate cable management will definitely affect serviceability. An effective strategy will allow rapid scaling of information technology while reducing the downtime.

Look for the best but most affordable technology solution if you have a limited budget. Some IT people tend to cut corners in terms of physical infrastructure. Low quality cables may be one of your alternatives. However, this can generate several points of failure which may be difficult to locate. It is practical to invest in cabling management solutions that conform to world-class standards in the industry. It should be able to provide strong physical support on which the data facility can be built. It’s always best to use a high-quality basket tray for your project.