There is no denying that we are incredibly reliant on the internet for our day-to-day lives. What began as a slow dial-up service has now evolved into something that we all take for granted. Moving into a new home or performing a remodel is the perfect time to make changes to your current internet setup. Connecting to the internet requires an ethernet cable with a direct connection to a device or a router connected to the ethernet cable, which gives off a wireless signal (WIFI).

Running ethernet cables throughout your room can be a tedious process. Progressive Office Cabling is here to take the work off your hands. Our skilled technicians can run ethernet cables throughout your home to ensure that you receive a strong internet connection no matter where you are.

Not All Ethernet Cables Are the Same

It may come as a surprise that there are different types of ethernet cables, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Before starting a home cabling project, you must decide which ethernet cable is right for you. Progressive Office Cabling can offer suggestions and input on the best way to wire your home. We can use ethernet cables, and our technicians are also skilled in running fiber optics.

Some of the most popular home cabling options are Cat 5, Cat 6, and fiber optic. While these cables may look identical on the outside, they have vastly different specifications. For example, Cat 6 will transmit data significantly faster than a Cat 5 cable. This is important if you are running the ethernet cable over a long distance or require high data transfer speeds.

Other cables on the market, such as Cat 6a, have even higher data transfer speed rates. However, the average homeowner would not notice a difference in average home use. Cat 6a cable costs almost twice as much as a Cat 6 cable, so the price difference cannot be justified for a homeowner.

Contact Progressive Office Cabling to Tidy Up Your Cables

Wiring your home for the internet is not an easy process. Let Progressive Office Cabling run your ethernet cables and improve your internet connection. Please contact our office at 800-614-4560 to discuss a home cabling project with a representative.