Slow internet connections are the bane of everyone’s existence. There is an easy way to kick your slow internet connection to the curb. By having your home professionally cabled for home internet, you can ensure that your internet speeds will be at full strength in both the basement and the top story. Upgrading the cabling in your home also connects your printers, security systems, and TVs all under one network. Progressive Office Cabling can perform your whole-house cabling project to save you time and headaches.

Benefits of Professionally Cabling your Home

Running ethernet cables throughout your home is not an easy process. To seamlessly run the cables from room to room, they must be run through the walls or ceilings. Tracing cables through existing walls must be done carefully to minimize any holes cut. Our technicians at Progressive Office Cabling work with homeowners to discuss what your needs are in various rooms throughout the house. While some rooms may not require an ethernet connection now, they may need it in the future as the kids get older.

Once we have mapped and run all of your home’s ethernet cables, we will terminate them within a patch panel. A patch panel is where all of the ethernet cables congregate. This allows you to maintain a clean and tidy cabling system. You will not have to hunt and dig around for a specific cable because they will all be labeled and organized within the patch panel. Having your home professionally cabled will greatly improve your home’s organizational system.

Running ethernet cables throughout the home will allow you to install more than one router. You can set up additional WIFI spots throughout the house so you do not have low connectivity areas. Not only will you enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds, but all devices will be on the same network.

Professionally Cabling your Home was Never Easier

Our technicians at Progressive Office Cabling have decades of experience in running cables within residential homes. We can assist you whether you are embarking on a brand-new home cabling project or upgrading existing cabling. Please contact our office at 800-614-4560 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.