Data Cabling,Home Network CablingMany homeowners question whether or not installing network cabling in their home is a necessity.  If you’ve got multiple computers and multiple computer users in your home, networking your PCs and equipment can have a number of advantages.

One of the single biggest advantages of installing network cabling in your home is that it gives you the ability to share equipment, data and programs between computers.  A non-networked home that has three regularly used PCs might also require three separate printers and three separate scanners.  Installing network cabling allows all three PCs to access the same printer, scanner or just about any other external device which can save you a substantial amount of money on the equipment you need for your home.

Installing network cabling will also allow all PCs in the home to access the internet via a single high-speed internet connection that is typically more secure than a traditional modem.  And if you opt for a partially hardwired and partially wireless network your family will be able to access your high speed internet connection from anywhere in your home.

Residential networking is the perfect solution for providing each member of your family everything that they need from their PC.  It doesn’t matter if your goal is multi-player gaming, instant data sharing or convenient internet access, you can make it happen with a residential network.Click Here