Your ability to run your business hinges on connecting to the internet, communicating with customers, and accessing the company-wide network. Network cabling allows you to perform all of these functions at your business. Are you tired of having cables running throughout the office? It may be time to contact Progressive Office Cabling and upgrade to structured cabling. There are several benefits to upgrading to structured cabling that we have outlined below.

  • Maintains a Clean Appearance

Structured cabling allows for a much more apparent appearance than point-to-point cabling. You will not have cables running throughout the office, alongside walls, or the floor. Cabling run on the floor could cause a significant trip hazard for your employees and drive potential customers to be turned off by the messy appearance of your business.

  • Easy to Expand

When you need to add equipment to the office, it is much easier with structured cabling than point-to-point cabling. You may require multiple network cables for a single workstation to hook up a printer, computer, and telephone.

Rather than running these three cables back to the IT room throughout the office, you could wire them into a nearby patch panel. As you add more and more employees, this solution is much more feasible than running individual cables throughout the office.

  • Eliminate Downtime & Easier Maintenance

The best time to upgrade is before your current set-up fails. Otherwise, installing new network cabling throughout your business is an emergency. Structured cabling makes it easy to trace back a cable or troubleshoot a network connectivity problem.

Without structured cabling, you may be tracing cabling back the entire length of the office. Tangled cords in the IT room will also make troubleshooting difficult. Cables could become loose or frayed if lost in a sea of wires.

Make the Switch to Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the best solution to those outgrowing point-to-point cabling. Rather than tackling this project on your own, contact Progressive Office Cabling. Our professionals can upgrade your business to structured cabling with minimal downtime and interruptions to your business. Please get in touch with our office at (800) 614-4560 to speak with an agent about an upgrade to structured cabling.