Regarding IT for your small business, you are likely thinking about network speed rather than cable management. Unless you have a dedicated IT professional at your business, you may be stuck with the IT duties yourself. Proper cable management is the backbone of a network that runs smoothly. A well-organized system could improve your system’s performance, increase airflow, and make maintenance a breeze.

Progressive Office Cabling is here to assist if you are unsure where to start. Our professionals can map out the best way to run network cables throughout your employment and ensure that your cable management system is up to par. In short, we can set your business up for success to keep your network running smoothly for years.

Types of Cable Management Systems

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to update your current system, there are many solutions to cable management:

  1. Horizontal Cable Management

Depending on your space constraints, a horizontal cable manager may be the right solution for your business. These organizers are compatible with most cables and do an excellent job keeping lines organized.

  • Cable Trays/Hangers

Cable trays, also known as cable hangers, neatly run cables from one room to another. Several types of cable trays are available, depending on your business’s setup. You can run the cable trays overhead in the ceiling or below and choose from various designs. Some designs allow for better airflow, while others are better suited for extra protection.

  • Vertical Cable Management

Vertical managers are used instead of horizontal managers when you are tight on space or need additional airflow. The improved airflow in the vertical units prevents your system from overheating or becoming damaged over time.

Contact Progressive Office Cabling for Cable Management

Cable management should be left to the professionals. Having your system set up correctly from the get-go will prevent many issues. After the fact, it can be costly to overhaul your business’s cable management system. Progressive Office Cabling can start your company at your new location or fix any existing issues with your current setup. Call our professionals at 800-614-4560 to speak with a representative about your specific cabling needs.