Structured Cabling,Office Cabling,datac enterThe data center supports the lifeblood of corporate enterprises. Communications stop due to the malfunction of this facility. Unfortunately, multiple issues can affect the data hub and incorrect cabling can be one of them. Planning is the key to boosting the efficiency of data center cabling.

 Here are some things to consider:

  1. Measure cables with care. Otherwise, you produce a twisted “rat’s nest” and an unnecessary waste of money.
  2. Put a label on both tips of your cables which include patch and short runs. This will be useful if you need to test a cluster of circuits. It will not be confusing if you unplug several patch cables. You know where each single cable is connected. The marking system must be consistent at all times.
  3. Never rush on termination of cables. And redo in cases where cables lose connectivity. Avoid purchasing and using cheap products. You will end up spending more in the long-term.
  4. Test the cables first and make sure it passes the mark for continuity.  If not, you have to do it all over again. And always use a high-quality tester to avoid unwarranted work.
  5. Patch cables must be kept short. Remember that rack servers are only one foot away from each other. Patch cables with a length of three feet are definitely not appropriate. Combine testing and terminating capabilities to make sure that patch cables connect accurately. Additional lengths will cause a lot of twisting.
  6. Come up with a color coding technique. A single color is ideal for patch cables and cable runs. However, it is possible to utilize specific color cables for specific purposes. Avoid random colors. It will be easier to follow cable functions and resolve problems if your color has a purpose. Blue for data, white for voice is a common standard.
  7. Your design must be cable-friendly. Do not put a rack in a place where it is not possible to run your cable effectively. You may end up with cables dropping from the ceiling or scattered on the floor. Expansion should also be in your planning so you know when and how to make adjustments.
  8. Separate electric wires from Cat5/6 cables. Power lines can distort communications. The effects will be to have connection and data transmission issues that can result in data corruptions.
  9. Be careful about excessive temperature. Make sure that the cables are cool and not hot since this can result in cabling decomposition. The data center should be designed in a way that servers and networks are always at a comfortable temperature.

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