No matter what type of business you have, you have likely got cabling. Cables work to connect you to the internet, keep your telephone services up and running, and even keep your surveillance systems in check. When cables get damaged, you will need cabling repair. Progressive Office Cabling can repair cables quickly and efficiently for your business. We can perform an emergency cable repair to keep your business operations running smoothly.  Our technicians can use the following methods to repair your cables:

Electrical Tape

The quickest fix when it comes to cabling repair is good ole electric tape. While not a permanent solution, it does buy time to keep your employees working while our technicians work on a permanent fix. Electrical tape is suitable for cables that are frayed or loose, working by wrapping them back up together to keep signals running smooth.

Heat Shrink Tubing

Another quick fix that requires a bit more skill is heat shrink tubing. It works by wrapping up frayed cables, activated with heat to compress and hold things in place. This is also not a permanent solution, but it will allow your business to remain up and running while our technicians work on a permanent fix.

Cable Replacement

Not all cables are repairable with tape or quick fixes. Some of them may wear out, so they are no longer transmitting signals. These cables will need to be completely re-run by the Progressive Office Cabling professionals. This is the best long-term solution for cable repair.

Professional Cabling Help

It is recommended to enlist the help of a professional when dealing with cabling. Our technicians at Progressive Office Cabling are experienced in identifying which cables can be repaired and when they need to be re-run completely. We can reduce the risk of electric shock to your employees, and keep your business operational with minimal downtime.

Contact Progressive Office Cabling for Cable Repair

When in doubt, please reach out to the professionals at Progressive Office Cabling to get the job done safely. Our technicians can reduce downtime and ensure the safety of your employees when performing cabling repairs. Please contact our office at 800-614-4560 to speak with an associate about cabling repair services.