Cat6 Office Cabling Chicago ILThe usage of high-bandwidth applications requiring speeds more than 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) is increasing for most organizations.

Enterprises and facilities are quickly recognizing that Category 5e (Cat5e) cabling is outdated, and its use is declining.

The growing amount of wireless devices, transmittals of high-resolution images, HD video streaming, multimedia graphics, and security cameras are only some examples of the increasing demands on networks.

If your organization still uses Cat5e cables, it may be having trouble coping with ever-growing data requirements, and it may struggle even more in the near future.

CAT5e Inadequate for New Applications

Limited to handling 1000 Mbps at 100 MHz, Cat5e cabling will have to be upgraded within a few years because organizations will be implementing new applications and technologies that require higher performance. Below are three examples.

Wave 2 WiFi – Devices using Wave 2 WiFi, the next generation, are capable of transmitting data at rates exceeding 1 Gbps and potentially achieving up to 7 Gbps. If your organization has next-generation WiFi in its plans, the proper solution is deploying Category 6A (Cat6a) cabling.

HDBaseT – The global standard for ultra-high-definition video & audio, Ethernet, controls, USB, and up to 100W of power delivery over a single cable, HDBaseT cannot be supported by Cat5e. The HDBaseT connectivity specification requires up to 100W of power transmitted over 4-pair cables. Unlike Cat5e, Cat6a cabling is capable of meeting the power and distance requirements of this standard.

4-Pair PoE –This next-generation Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard provides power with greater efficiency through the utilization of all four cable pairs. Cable gauge typically has to be larger for decreasing resistance and allowing for greater power delivery. However, 4-pair PoE has superior performance on Cat6a 23 AWG (American wire gauge) in comparison to Cat5e 24 AWG.

CAT6a Recommended by Industry Standards

Due to the emerging applications and technologies previously discussed, many industry standards for new installations now require a minimum of Cat6 cabling, while strongly recommending Cat6a. The industry standards apply to commercial buildings, data centers, educational buildings, and healthcare facilities.

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