Cat6 Office Cabling NYCPower over Ethernet (PoE) is capable of transmitting both data and power by using a standard Ethernet cable. It is very handy because it allows users to install devices at locations where electrical outlets are not present. This important feature makes Ethernet cabling the best way to connect future smart buildings.

A key advantage for using Ethernet cable is being able to assign every connected device a unique IP address. As Ethernet cabling is already the universal standard, using Ethernet will make managing, configuring, and maintaining connected devices simpler and easier. In addition, network administrators and system integrators will be able to troubleshoot devices with TCP/IP, minimizing operational expenses.

Taking Advantage of PoE’s Simplicity

Ethernet cabling is capable of providing the power needed by a smart building’s devices. As mentioned previously, PoE lets technicians install devices in locations without electrical outlets. This also provides the added benefit of not having to add new electrical outlets, which may be costly and require a permit. By utilizing 802.3at, the present highest-powered standard, PoE can power low-voltage devices for a maximum of 30 watts.

With Ethernet cabling, smart buildings can rely on one medium and utilize PoE to provide electricity to wireless access points, VoIP networks, IP surveillance cameras, PoE lighting, mobile clients, and thin clients. Their devices depend on switches or other power sourcing equipment (PSE) to get low-voltage power. Switches are especially capable of AC to DC power conversion. Moreover, power loss is significantly less in comparison to when devices are powered by traditional electricity. They also ease maintenance and troubleshooting by providing a centralized management location.

By chiefly using Ethernet cabling it is possible to remake a conventional building into a smart one. It will be unnecessary to select a specific connectivity standard. For example, a building will be able to repurpose its current network switches to power a new PoE lighting system.

Part 2 will discuss Smart Buildings, The Edge, and PoE Lighting and Sensors.

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