Part 2 will discuss the fiber optic cabling’s Other Advantages & Disadvantages, Fiber to the Office, and Coexistence of Copper and Fiber.

Other Advantages & Disadvantages

LANs that use fiber optic cabling do not require expensive components such as cabling closets, data grounds, floor space, and UPS power.

Fiber is not affected by electromagnetic interference (EMI) because it utilizes few electrical components. However, if a light source is not totally monochromatic, it may emit pulse interference that can affect performance. If copper has good shielding, it can sufficiently minimize the harmful effects of crosstalk or interference.

Fiber optic cabling provides fast speeds and can deliver data across long distances. However, it is very expensive and requires dedicated equipment. Its capabilities will not be needed for common daily use for the foreseeable future.

Although copper cabling is limited with respect to data transmission over distances, it provides adequate data transmission speeds for numerous common applications like connecting wireless access points. In addition, copper can support PoE, promoting ease of network design and flexibility.

Fiber to the Office (FTTO)

FTTO is a solution combining the best of fiber and copper. Fiber can be run from the central switch to an office or workplace’s connection point. From this point a dedicated Ethernet switch will ensure an intelligent media conversion that switches from copper to fiber cabling.

Using PoE, every FTTO-switch will be connected to the central distribution switch and Gigabit Ethernet capable ports, which will provide a highly practical solution for facilities spanning long distances like campuses and hospitals.

Coexistence of Copper and Fiber

For now, copper and fiber cabling solutions will coexist, each implemented for the applications where they deliver the most value, while sufficiently meeting the technical requirements of each situation.

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