Although heavily used in today’s day and age, not many know what a fiber optic cable is composed of. Fiber optic is the gold standard for running data over large distances without comprising speed. Fiber optic cabling can retain its speed because it is not affected by lightning, also known as electrical interference.

Progressive Office Cabling encourages businesses to make the switch to fiber optic cabling, if at all possible. You will not be disappointed with the increased speed or rate of data transmission that comes with fiber optic cabling.

Components of a Fiber Optic Cable

A fiber optic cable is composed of as many as hundreds of strands of optic fibers. The basic components of a fiber optic cable include:

  • Core – The core is at the heart of the fiber optic cable. This is a strand of thin glass, approximately the size of human hair, running through the entire center of the cable. This core is what allows the light pulses to be transmitted through.
  • Cladding – The cladding is over top of the core. The cladding does not just protect the core. Rather, it contains the light pulses and transmits them back onto the core.
  • Coating – The coating protects the core and cladding from damage. The coating is not used to transmit data through the fiber optic cabling.
  • Strengthening Fibers – The strengthening fibers have the same purpose as the coating. These are used to prevent damage from occurring to the core and cladding. Because these cables will stretch long distances, care must be taken to avoid damage from heavy impacts or kinks.
  • Cable Jacket – The final layer of protection for the fiber optic cable is the cable jacket. This layer also protects the internal core and cladding from any external damage.

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