Structured Cabling,Data CablingOrganizations and their data centers have come to recognize that structured cabling is the foundation of network infrastructure. As time passes, they will look for methods to make their structured cabling designs work with more efficiency and functionality. This article will discuss the emerging trends for data center cabling in 2018.

Cloud Integration

The industry is seeking ways to further integrate cloud technology with structured cabling. Data centers are gravitating to affordable and effective cloud products that improve performance, enable expansion, ensure security, and handle big data. In addition, business owners are upgrading their data cabling with copper and fiber technologies. 

Cloud solutions that will be in demand will promote security, faster transmission, and flexibility for the network infrastructure of organizations, and high-quality cabling will be required for implementation. Integration of the cloud with structured cabling will let a data center more readily scale for either expansion or contraction as business circumstances dictate.


Convergence is the meeting of old technologies with those that are new, and this is now occurring in the evolution of network infrastructure. Service providers are offering data, telephony, and video capabilities on a single network as an appealing package. Gradually gaining traction, convergence is now penetrating new


areas. In the case of the data center market, it is manifesting in cabling. Data centers are becoming more scalable and flexible so the proper architecture can be implemented for the network capacity required. The following are three examples:

  1. In order to improve the performance and protection of cabling environments, connectivity of higher density and cabling of higher capacity are being accommodated.
  2. Locating input and output at the top of server racks streamlines data cabling and provides greater flexibility.
  3. Server racks and storage arrays for fiber-optic cables are configured for greater cabling density and better air flow for cooling.

Part 2 will discuss Modularization, Optimization, and Virtualization.

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