Data Cabling,Cat5e, Cat6/6a CablingPunch-down tools are important for terminating cables in Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) connecting blocks, patch bays and terminal jacks. These reliable tools have been present for many years. However, manufacturers do not stop in developing accessibility and labor concerns.

Punching down is the term used for the physical force needed to pierce or take away the cable insulation while the connection is being made. These used to be simple screwdrivers which have evolved into modern gadgets designed with durable rubber, gripping curve and impact mechanisms that reduce the use of force for manual exertion.

How Tools Work?

These small and handy tools are used mainly by telecommunications technicians. The device is capable of putting in wires into IDCs or insulator displacement connectors. These can be found on patch panels and blocks; keystone modules for optical connectors; and, surface mount boxes for CAT 5E cables.

Majority of said tools are the impact type which includes handle, internal spring apparatus and removable blade. With the punch down tool, the wire is positioned into a post on the punch block. After this is done, the technician can push the wire on top of the post. The pressure triggers the internal spring and the blade thrusts the wire into the opening. It cuts the installation and secures the wire at the same time. The blade does not slice through the wire. Instead, the slot’s sharp peripheries in the contact terminal cut through the cover.

At the same time, the blade removes any excess wire while in the process of making connections. The blade traps the wire to be severed against the punch block. This blade needs to be sharpened or replaced when it has become slow. You can also go for cheaper punch down implements with permanent blades and no impact device. However, it may take longer for installers to make sturdy connections with these inexpensive products. It also leads to muscle fatigue if numerous installations are required.

Upgrading Punch-down Tools

Cabling technicians should make it a point to invest on contemporary punch-down tools due to mounting requirements for more bandwidth. Single-wire tools are often used for installation. However, these do not have the capacity to terminate multiple wires at one time. With multi-wire instruments, technicians can install Category 6 and 5E eight times quicker than those who opt for the basic tools.

The complex tolls also allow fast termination of cables. There is increased accuracy as well. Results are the same regardless if you terminate the first or 250th cable on the same day. Accuracy is one aspect where most installers struggle with consistency. Keep in mind that correct termination is the means of support of any communications network. Last but not least in enhances functionality. Modern features contribute to the instrument’s usage.