It is estimated that theft costs businesses more than $50 billion per year. While break-ins and external theft make up a portion of that number, employee theft is responsible for the majority. Security cameras can act as the first line of defense against theft, which is why businesses of all sizes should have them. Progressive Office Cabling has decades of experience installing security cameras for businesses throughout the United States.

Type Of Security Cameras

Before setting up surveillance in your shop, your business will have several security systems. Below are some common types of security cameras and who they work best for. Our Progressive Office Cabling technicians can also provide you with recommendations on which system works best for your specific needs.

Indoor Security Cameras

Indoor cameras typically offer a wide field of view extending up to 360°. They can either come as one or a set of many, place strategically around your store to oversee things happening throughout.  Indoor security cameras are best for business owners with a large storage room with inventory or many areas that can be difficult to monitor. 

Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor cameras are much more sturdy than indoor cameras, able to resist weather changes from cold and rainy to humid and dry. Many outdoor cameras come with infrared options that can make it easy to monitor activity in the dark. These cameras are best for businesses that keep most of their inventory outside or have concerns about break-ins throughout store windows or doors.

Motion Detector Security Cameras

Instead of continuously monitoring all activity, motion detector cameras will only start to record when motion is triggered. Today’s technology has brought motion-detecting cameras to the next level, with options to send alerts directly to your phone when motion is detected and access to real-time surveillance video.

Adjustable Security Cameras

Adjustable cameras move around to offer a wider field of view. They are programmable to move around at certain times or allow users to zoom in, switch angles, or tilt in real-time. These cameras are ideal for businesses with less incoming traffic and broader open spaces that are easy to view from one central spot.

Contact Us for a Security Camera Installation

As a business owner, you are responsible for keeping your business and inventory safe. Progressive Office Cabling can install a robust security camera system to protect your assets. Please contact our office at 800-614-4560 to inquire about a security camera system.