The more power and speed offices need, the more advanced cabling systems become. Today, the fastest, most efficient network cabling setups feature Cat8 cabling, which uses finely woven copper to deliver signals faster (and safer) than ever before. Think you are ready to make the switch? Progressive Office Cabling can easily transition your home or office to Cat 8.

About Network Cabling

It is estimated that the ethernet cable market will skyrocket to $21.23 billion by 2026. That should come as no surprise seeing how the internet has transformed, going from clunky computers to small, handheld devices and more. As a business in today’s day and age, you must have a network system of some type. Although you may be happy with your current setup, it’s always best to stay alongside – or even ahead – of the technological curve. Upgrading your system to the latest and greatest will allow you to keep up, or even get ahead, of the competition.

Cat Cable Types: A Comparison

Depending on your cabling category, you’ve likely got either copper or fiber-optic cabling. Currently, copper is more cost-effective, but fiber-optic provides faster and safer connections. Still, fiber-optic is not for everyone, coming with a higher cost that your business might not need for the type of work you do.

Differences Between Category Cables

When looking at Cat5e and beyond, you will notice that each has its unique set of specs. The ways that category cables differ include:

  • Standard Bandwidth (MHz)
  • The rate at which data is transferred (Megabits)
  • Shielding

Additionally, Cat6 to Cat8 cables are considered Power over Ethernet (PoE) cables, which can provide connection and electric power all in one. If your business does not have at least Cat6, then it is time for an upgrade.

Should You Make the Switch?

When considering whether or not to make the switch to Cat8 cabling for your business, here are some things to consider:

  • Your Needs

If your internet and connection are solid and work well for your needs, you might not need an upgrade. It could be a high cost that will not pay off until way later. Speak with a representative at Progressive Office Cabling to receive a free estimate on upgrading your cabling.

  • Your Future

As a business, looking at how your performance will change is huge. If you think you will take off and need lots of connectivity, then it is probably best to upgrade and keep things running smoothly. Contact our representatives at Progressive Office Cabling at (800) 614-4560 to inquire more about a residential or commercial cabling project.