Data Cabling Network Cabling InstallationsAs discussed in Part 1, 2018 is turning into a year with several exciting emerging data cabling trends. Part 2 will discuss Low Voltage Lighting Over POE and Passive Optical Networks. Before starting your company’s data cabling project, consult with an expert and experienced team to get the best results.

3) Low Voltage Lighting Over POE

Certain to be used increasingly in the future, low voltage lighting powered by POE (Power Over Ethernet) networks will provide several benefits. Efficient, low voltage lights need less electricity, saving on utility bills and lessening environmental impact. 

Creating POE low voltage lighting infrastructure is cost effective because it can support an organization’s goals in having its building LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.

Emitting a high-frequency flutter, fluorescent lighting is capable of making people feel fatigued. On the other hand, LED low voltage lights promote focus and make users feel energized because of their consistency.

POE Lighting can be network controlled while using smart technology, making lighting systems more economical, responsive, and convenient.

4) Passive Optical Networks

The requirements for bandwidth are rapidly rising for businesses, making CAT5 and CAT6 cabling inadequate for future network needs. Both types are capable of carrying a limited amount of bandwidth, which gradually decreases the farther a workstation is located away from the data center.

A passive optical network that utilizes fiber optic cabling addresses these limitations. Fiber not only provides higher bandwidth than CAT5 and CAT6 but retains network strength over lengthy distances throughout a facility or office building.

If your staff needs a high-speed network to maintain productivity or stream content to accomplish their tasks, a passive optical network is a sound solution. The bandwidths of dated networks are gauged in Mbps (megabits per second). In stark contrast, the bandwidths of passive optical networks are gauged in Gps (gigabits per second). Eventually, high-speed 10Gps networks will be the standard for enterprises.

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