voip phoneIf you are hoping to maximize the success of your small business there is a good chance that you’ll need customers or clients that extend beyond your town, region or state.  The problem for many small businesses lies in the fact that reaching out to these non local customers (and vendors) can be exceedingly expensive with traditional telephone service.

Frequent long distance calling can have a profound impact on what is likely to be an already reasonably high phone bill.   With traditional phone service you probably pay extra for features like voicemail, caller ID, conference calling and an additional rate per minute for calls outside of your local area.  You can work to keep costs manageable while extending your service reach by upgrading your current phone to a voice over internet protocol service though.

In addition to including all of the features that you need for convenient customer and vendor communication, VOIP service includes unlimited calling to anywhere in the US or Canada.  This allows your employees to maintain constant communication with customers anywhere in the US, which will dramatically increase your potential customer base, for no additional cost.  By upgrading to VOIP phone  you can save a substantial amount of money on office operations while maintaining or improving customer service.