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I must preface this message by the admission that I am not a fan of Microsoft. Do a search for Microsoft on my site and you will see a few articles about my opinion of Microsoft as a business. I do not like Microsoft’s impact on the computer industry. And one of the many reasons I have for not liking Microsoft (but certainly not a main reason) is that their products do not perform very well and they are targets for viruses and spyware.

Having said that, I want to write about the newest version of Firefox. You are probably already using Internet Explorer or Firefox. And the question you might have is “Should I dump Internet Explorer? or “Should I upgrade my Firefox to v3.6?” And the answer to the first question is a resounding YES. Internet Explorer is slow and prone to attacks and problems. On the second question, I had to rely on the expertise of reviewers that tested Firefox v3.6. I just don’t have the time to test and analyze Firefox. And what I have learned is that Firefox v3.6 is 300% faster than v3.0 and that it is 15% faster than v3.5. It is more stable and better at handling video streaming.

If you have critical extensions and plug-ins in Firefox, you might want to be careful. Otherwise, go for it. Dump Internet Explorer and/or upgrade to the newest version of Firefox.