Sometimes the best computer advice I can give is to develop proper procedures and to have everything documented properly. Well, I was looking for a legal document  IT Support, Washington DCand I was prepared to have to go to a legal document website and pay for it if I had to. But then I came across and discovered a website that has hundreds (maybe thousands) of legal, professional and business documents for free.

The website describes itself as a place to find and share professional documents. There is no cost so I am sure you need to be careful because some documents need to be designed to address the peculiarities of the state you are living or working in. But it had what I was looking for and it seems like a very useful site. I also downloaded a document so that I could feel like I was contributing. So, I am posting it here and I hope that you are able to take advantage of this resource. If you do, leave a comment. I would very much like to know what you think of the site.

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