As discussed in Part 1, commercial building networks are becoming increasingly integrated with all aspects of an enterprise, and the physical layer is becoming a bigger target for cybercrime. Part 2 will discuss Recommendations for Implementation in the following topics below.

Monitoring & Detection

AIM (Automated Infrastructure Management) systems are capable of real-time monitoring and mapping of changes to the physical layer, whether they are authorized or unauthorized. Intelligent cabling, patch panels, and connectors enable the automatic detection and recording of changes. IT personnel will also be alerted to unauthorized connections, such as an intruder’s laptop plugged into the company’s network. In addition, AIM and intrusion detection systems can work together to identify and communicate the exact location of an intrusion.

On-Premises Wireless

The WPA2 security protocol of a Wi-Fi system can be exploited because of the unsecured handshake between WPA2 access points, allowing intruders to breach encrypted connections. Fortunately, the more secure WPA3 became more widely available last year. In addition, the Wi-Fi Alliance expects the new and more robust 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard to be released in late 2019.

Security Monitoring

Greater connectivity in smart buildings and facilities will enable networks of IP security cameras and occupancy sensors for the detection of intruders. Well-planned structured cabling infrastructure will allow the installation of these PoE (Power over Ethernet) devices in a multitude of locations, resulting in optimum coverage and enhanced security.

Powered Fiber & PoE

Networks equipped with powered fiber or PoE can utilize switches for providing electricity to connected devices. Typically, their power supply will be backed up by UPS generators and batteries. The centralized nature of this power arrangement provides greater resiliency and security. In the event of a power outage impacting the building or facility, the AIM system and every security device connected will continue working.

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