Fiber Cabling Installation Washington DCCopper and fiber optic cabling both have their own qualities and advantages, and so choosing between the two will depend largely on your company’s network and business requirements. This article will discuss reasons why fiber optic cabling may be the better choice for your organization. Consult with a professional and experienced cabling provider for the best results.


In the recent past, fiber cable was way more expensive than copper, but the price gap between the two cabling types is gradually decreasing. It is generally thought that the transmission of electricity via copper is less costly than laser power transmission via fiber. However, the expense of a standard wiring closet that comes with a copper network is often not considered. Typically, a wiring closet will require space, power, data ground, an uninterruptible power source (UPS), and hybrid automatic voltage control (HAVC).

The costs of these features will surpass the additional expense of fiber equipment within one centralized fiber architecture. They also require more area to be accommodated. In this way, a fiber optic local area network (LAN) conserves space and is more cost effective in comparison to a copper cabling network.


Even though copper cable is sufficient for voice transmissions, its bandwidth is quite limited. In contrast, fiber optic performs at 10 Gbps and beyond.

Fiber links provide over 1,000 times as much bandwidth as copper and can travel more than 100 times farther as well. Standard multi-mode fiber is 500 MHz/km. Thus, a cable 500 meters long is capable of transmitting 1 GHz.

Although, twisted pair cabling such as Cat6 is designed to provide high data rates, it is capable of transmitting 500 MHz at a distance of only 100 meters. Fiber optic signal loss at a distance of 500 meters is minimal. At high frequencies, copper cables also experience signal losses that are quite high.

Part 2 will discuss Transmission Speeds & Distances, Security, and Reliability.

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