Without the Internet, the world would crawl to a standstill. Modern businesses use the Internet for many critical job functions. Setting up your network is an oversized item on your to-do list when moving office locations. Starting from scratch is one of the best times to contact Progressive Office Cabling for a network installation.

Types of Networks

Your business can choose between a wired network, wireless, or a mixture of the two. A wired network is preferred when your business handles confidential information because hacking is much more challenging. Wired networks can also transmit data faster and more seamlessly than wireless. Although wireless networks are easier to set up, your business may suffer from slow speeds and compromised security.

Choosing the Right Network Cable

Although they look the same outside, network cables are not a “one size fits all” product. Choosing a suitable network cable for your business would be best to prevent connectivity problems or speed issues. Most companies opt for a Cat 6 installation because it offers the best bang for your buck. Cat 8 is the newest ethernet cable available on the market, but its price point may not be worth its benefits for a standard business.

Layout Out the Cabling Floorplan

You must plan how to run the cables from the command center to each workstation. You do not want wires running along your floor’s length. Not only are they a trip hazard, but repeated stepping on cables compromises their integrity and causes slower data transmission. It would be best if Yned

This may involve running cables through the ceiling or holes in the walls. Rather than whipping out the reciprocating saw, let the experts at Progressive Office Cabling plan your cabling floor plan. Our technicians can integrate your cables seamlessly with your new office space. Having a well-organized and laid-out network will save your IT specialist valuable time. It is easier to add on or expand a well-thought-out network than to add onto a messy and disorganized one. Please contact our office at (800) 614-4560 for a free quote on a network cable installation.