Without network cables, your data network would be nonexistent. Network cables are responsible for moving data signals from one location to another. There are different categories of network cables, some being much older than others. Older network cables, such as Cat 5, cannot move data through as quickly as the newer cables, such as Cat 7.

If your business is lagging and needs to upgrade your network cables, call the professionals at Progressive Office Cabling. We can install new network cables without damaging their structural integrity. Network cables are easily prone to damage if they are mishandled.

Ways to Handle Network Cables

Leave the demolition and installation to the professionals at Progressive Office Cabling. However, situations may arise where you need to run a new cable to a new terminal in the office. If you need to handle the network cables in your business, you should avoid the following:

  • Bending or crimping any network cables with a diameter smaller than a quarter. By placing a bend in the network cable, you are preventing the data from running as efficiently throughout it. Effectively, it reduces the set capacity of that network cable. This should be avoided because if you paid for Cat 7 cabling, your business deserves to run at a Cat 7 cabling pace.
  • Avoid hanging network cabling where gravity can cause the cable to stretch out. This includes using the network cable as a clothesline to attach other objects.
  • On a similar note, network cabling should not be placed where it can be stepped on. Although many companies like to run network cabling along the floor and tape it off, this can severely damage your cables. Every time the cable’s structural integrity is compromised under Karen’s foot, it will reduce the throughput of data.

A rule with network cables is “when in doubt, throw it out.” If the cabling looks worn or has major kinks and twists, it is time to replace it. Rather than tracing back all the cables on your own, call the experts at Progressive Office Cabling to run new network cables. Please call our office at (800) 614-4560 to speak with a representative regarding your cabling project.