Installing network cabling in your office environment can have a profound effect on your employees’ ability to communicate with one another and with customers.  This can give your business a unique edge over the competition that could result in a more loyal following and increased revenue.

Having all of your office PCs and equipment networked gives every employee access to important business application and pertinent customer and product data. Even employees who perform work from off-site locations can have the same access to information that your “in house” employees do which will allow them to efficiently and effectively fulfill customer needs.

Installing network cabling will also give your employees instant, secure and reliable access to your high speed internet connection.  This will allow them to respond to customer queries quickly and easily via a wide variety of methods.  You sales staff will be able to communicate with and provide detailed information to customers via e-mail or respond instantly by way of web chat.

Fast and reliable customer service is a key to success in virtually any business, but particularly critical to small businesses that are competing with companies who may have a larger budget.  Having a sales staff that is consistently available and easily accessible to answer questions and address issues creates the trust necessary to turn one time customers into loyal, repeat customers.Click Here