In today’s day and age, everyone uses the term “WIFI” to refer to their internet connection. With most of our electronics running wirelessly, it is easy to forget about wired connections. Wired connections are far superior to wireless for several reasons. Many have switched to wireless internet connections for convenience, but there are still instances where you may want to consider having a wired connection installed in your home. Trust the experts at Progressive Cabling to run network cabling throughout your residential home. Our technicians will handle everything, from running the cables to picking out the right type of network cable for your home.

Advantages of Network Cabling over Wireless

There are many reasons why a wired connection is better than a wireless one. Some of these reasons include:

  1. Better internet connectivity throughout the house

Many homes include a basement or second and third stories. WIFI signals can be spotty in some areas of the house, especially the further away from the router that you get. Even in single-story households, you may experience dead zones due to supporting walls or building materials interfering with the signal.

By installing network cables throughout your home, you can have peace of mind that your devices will always have access to the internet. After all, nobody wants to stream a movie only to have to wait every 10 minutes for it to buffer. Likewise, modern-day video games require a reliable internet connection to get the full experience. A wired connection will almost always be more reliable than a wireless one.­

  • Get the most out of your internet package

When you pay for an internet package, you are limited to a certain download speed. However, just because you are paying for 100 Mbs does not mean that your router is capable of supplying this speed all throughout your household. You may find that you actually top out at 50 – 75 Mbs when connecting wirelessly. Wired connections will use the full download speeds that you are paying for. Get the most out of your internet package by switching to a wired connection.

Trust the Experts for a Network Cabling Installation

Progressive Office Cabling has decades of experience installing network cables in both residential and commercial spaces. Our friendly technicians can provide a free estimate for your project. Give us a call at (800) 614-4560 and we can discuss your project in further detail.