Network Cable SecurityEvery day you gather more information that is critical to the success of your business.  Sales and customer service people compile new customer contact information, inventory is managed, quotes are generated and sales information is tallied.

Tying all of your office computer equipment together in a network gives you the opportunity to schedule centralized back ups that will store and protect this information.  These back ups can be stored to a server connected to a UPS or even to an off site server.  This can help to ensure that valuable company information is kept up-to-date and safe even during severe storms, power outages, thefts or natural disasters.

In addition to providing an element of safety to your data, networking your computer equipment can also provide security from many cyber dangers as well.  The majority of routers used today have built in security elements that will allow your employees to access and surf the internet in a manner that is usually safer than a modem that uses a phone line. And, of course, it gives you much higher speeds.

While installing network cabling will result in an additional expense for your business, the potential benefits can be more than worth the investment.  Networking your office equipment can help your business to become faster, more efficient and much more secure.Click Here