I wrote this letter to Cyndi Metzger, a business reporter at the Sun Sentinel in South Florida, the local newspaper of MarketUS.com. I wonder if Michael Price subscribes?

Dear Ms. Metzger –

My name is Stuart Kushner. I am a small businessman in Washington, DC. My company is www.ProgOffice.com. I have a story. I hired www.MarketUS.com to get my company on the GSA schedule and they ended up stealing $4,000 from me. They transferred funds from my bank account (I naively gave them access), created fake invoices, and kept $4,000 of my money. Since they stole from me, I was unable and unwilling to work with them. So, the initial (authorized) payment was a waste. So, I am out $9,000 and I am not on the GSA Schedule.

I went to the police. I went to the BBB. I went to a lawyer. And I went to my bank. Nobody would help. Nobody!

Michael Price knows what he is doing. He knows exactly how to steal money from out-of-state businesses and get away with it. To summarize:

  • He gets your credit card or bank account and routing number
  • He charges and then continues to charge and charge and charge to it
  • If he is able to do it for more than 3 months, the credit card companies will not refund
  • If he gives some of it back, the police will not interfere (call the Fort Lauderdale police for their twisted logic)
  • He produces fake online invoices (no signature on them)
  • He uses Internet Shopping laws to protect himself
  • He preys on out-of-state firms
  • He never takes enough to justify hiring an attorney

My only recourse was to write about it on my website at https://progressivecabling.com/category/marketuscom/. My site has attracted 4 more victims. Two of them have posted comments on my site. I am CCing all 4 of them them here. They all have similar stories. Fortunately, my Internet Marketing skills makes it easy for me to get my pages ranked in Google. So victims are finding my website. It was all I could think of to do. But now I realized that maybe I could get him some very bad press. And I would love to post an article from your paper on my website.

I think this is a compelling story. My goal is to expose Michael Price and put him out of business. He is a crook and he is stealing money from small businesses all over the country and getting away with it. Look over my website. Please take the time to read my postings. I hope you find the time to research and write about this story. Trust me, Michael Price will lie and he will not cooperate. But you have 5 unrelated victims and I am willing to bet that there are many additional victims out there.

Thank you for reading this.

Stu Kushner
Progressive Office, Inc.

If you are a victim, click here to complain to the FTC.