Michael Price of MarketUS

Michael Price of MarketUS

On April 9th of 2009, I hired MarketUS.com to get my firm onto the GSA schedule. I agreed to a do-it-yourself (DIY) solution. On March 9th of this year I worked with Jeff Connell in Sales and I agreed to the DIY service. I was told about Coaching Services that would give me unlimited hours of support on their system. I declined Coaching. Coaching costs $4,000 and I felt like I could do it myself and save the money.

MarketUS has an online system for navigating the GSA process. It is inadequate. It does provide links to the appropriate websites. But it does a poor job of tracking the progress of the process.

I put some time into doing it myself. And on April 23rd, I tried to get back into it but I could not recall where I had left off. So, I called Deana Trone at MarketUS. This was the only support call that I have ever made to MarketUS. I spoke to Guy Trone for about 20 minutes and he was able to tell me where I stopped and what else I needed to do.

Here is where things turned REALLY bad.

In June, I get a call from my bank about additional charges to my account. It turns out that MarketUS was continuing to bill me. I agreed to pay $5,000 for the DIY solution. But they billed me an additional $8,500 and they took it right out of my bank account! I had agreed to the initial charges. So, the wire transfer of $5,000 was not a problem. But the additional and unexpected charges of $8,500 was a SERIOUS problem. MarketUS claims that I ordered “Coaching Service”. This is not true. It is a lie.

They also claim that I have made almost 20 hours worth of support calls to their office. This is also not true. I made only one call to Guy Trone. But I have made many calls to complain about my bill. They are also asking my bank to prove that the money was transferred. I have agreed to this but I do not understand why they can’t just look it up in their own accounting system. Even Quicken can keep track of Income by Client.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUSINESS WITH Michael Price and MarketUS. They have lied to me on numerous occasions. They have taken my money without permission. And they have falsified documents to cover their deceptions.

I have included a link above to MarketUs so that you are clear about the company I am dealing with. And, I am not the only victim. Are you a victim?

Feel free to post comments or to contact me directly if you have any questions regarding my experience with MarketUS.com. Click here to file a complaint with the FTC.

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