It Support,It Support Services, Washington DC I have been in IT Support since 1986. I got my first PC/XT back then and it was a very exciting time. But the last 10 years have been horrible. The industry used to be so exciting. We had to replace our computers about every 18 months because the software kept getting more demanding. The hardware would get faster and it was a back and forth process. But now, the industry is struggling to stay creative. There are lots of innovative hardware solutions. But Microsoft has killed most of the innovation on the desktop.

If you don’t believe me, I will give you an analogy. There is a parallel industry that is thriving. It is at the core of most of the high-tech innovation. It is the cell phone industry. Look at where it has gone in just the last 10 years. The enhancements are astounding! This is due to the fact that the cell phone industry is very diverse and VERY competitive. You have dozens of manufacturers, operating systems and carriers.  No one company dominates the industry. Apple’s iPhone is the industry leader with dozens of competitors nipping at its heels. Is that a fair comparison? Are you excited about your PC?

Look at the PC industry. It is dead. Almost no innovation. Microsoft has killed off most of it’s competitors and stifled innovation. I have one more bit of proof that Microsoft is killing the PC industry. Answer this question… who is the number two Windows PC software manufacturer? Can you name any? I am willing to bet that Microsoft is 1,000 times bigger than the number 2 company, whoever they might be. Can any company in any industry make that claim and not be called a monopoly?