firefox-vs-internet-explorerI used to use Microsoft Internet Explorer as my browser but I stopped a few years ago. I switched to Firefox because I had heard that it was a very good browser and it is free. The switch was painless because it transfered over all of my bookmarks and it is a very good browser. I imagine both browsers have a lot of the same features. I think the pressure of Mozilla has made Microsoft compete in a way that they are not used to. But what I will summarize what I like best about Firefox that keeps me using it…

  1. Internet Explorer is Microsoft and Microsoft is a target in a way that is unique. A lot of security threats to your computer are aimed at Internet Explorer. So, I believe that using IE puts my computer at higher risk.
  2. I like the functionality and flexibility of Firefox. It is a very user-friendly browser.
  3. I especially like the Add-ons that are available. My two favorite Add-ons are XMarks (for saving my bookmarks/password) and Cooliris for looking at images. But there are hundreds of other Add-ons.

Let me know if you have other reasons that you like Firefox. And, if you prefer Internet Explorer, help me understand why I should switch back!