Network , Structured cabling, cable, Washington DCAs mentioned in Part 1, a good network upgrade plan will make an analysis determining each aspect of SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, helping project managers create a clear plan consisting of five phases. Part 1 discussed the first two, Gathering of Requirements and Selection & Design. Part 2 will cover the last three, Implementation, Operation, and Review & Evaluation.

3) Implementation

Proper execution of the first two phases, will allow Implementation to be performed without major issues. However, every neglected task in the first two phases will certainly have to be addressed during Implementation. A sound schedule will provide time for unanticipated problems which will minimize disruptions of the customer’s business. Maintaining communication between project designers and the client throughout installation is crucial for making a project successful.

4) Operation

After the completion of the network implementation phase, the network transitions into a production environment. The network is live and executes the tasks it’s been programmed to perform. The proper completion of all tasks before this phase will minimize unexpected incidents during the network’s operation phase.

5) Review & Evaluation

Once operational, the network’s design and implementation must be studied and assessed in terms of the design’s objectives. Typically, these tasks are performed by design team staff with the help of network members. There will be an evaluation of costs, performance, and environmental fit.

The items below are recommended for this process:

  • Make a comparison between user experience and the documented goals, then make an assessment of the design’s performance.
  • Make a comparison between planned designs and costs and actual results of deployment, ensuring future projects will learn from these lessons.
  • Observe the operation and document all revisions, making sure the system is accountable.

Each phase should practice sound planning and conduct reviews for optimal functioning and successful installation. For ideal results, on-site technicians should participate in all phases of a network upgrade. They will have a better grasp of the project’s goals, and they will able to provide users better service.

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