Office Cabling ,Network CablingRelocating your company can be quite challenging and costly. Aside from meeting the expenses for the rent, utilities, office equipment, and furnishings, you will also have to consider the new cabling required.

The virtualization of IT services and infrastructure is getting greater emphasis, and many organizations are spending less time on considering their cabling for data and communications. However, implementing structured cabling with best practices will be essential for successfully building IT infrastructure.

This article will discuss several factors to be considered for properly planning the cabling of your new office.

Goals and Parameters

The relocation of a business will require planning and coordination. Teams should know beforehand what their company’s goals and parameters are in terms of data and communications. Considering the questions below will be a good starting point.

How much is the budget for the project?

Who will provide the skills and expertise that will be needed?

What are the current data, communications, and technological requirements of the company?

What are the future infrastructure and technology needs of your organization?

New Site Availabilities

In contrast to funding the construction of a new office, the new office location will usually have power, data, and telecommunications already installed. Thus, your team should survey the site and consider whether the physical configuration of the existing infrastructure can be adapted for your company’s requirements.

One aspect that certainly needs to be examined is the new site’s internet and network connectivity. Your team should make note of the bandwidth limitations for particular areas, and if they will be adequate for the needs of your employees.

Mapping the Infrastructure

After making an initial assessment of the new office, your team should then move forward on mapping every room in terms of data and communications infrastructure. Although there is existing infrastructure, modifications will likely be needed to meet the specific needs of your company.

Part 2 will discuss Health & Safety, Future Expansion, Structured Cabling, and Early Consultations.

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