Ethernet cables are the backbone of your business’s data network. If it is time to upgrade your ethernet cables, you may wonder whether you can get by with unshielded cabling. After all, unshielded ethernet cables are less of a hit against the budget than their shielded counterparts. Whether you are looking to upgrade your ethernet cables or start from scratch, Progressive Office Cabling can tackle your next cabling project.

Shielded vs. Unshielded Cables

Ethernet cables are made of 4 pairs of twisted wires. Through these twisted cables, your data transfers from one piece of equipment to the next. As your data moves along the unshielded ethernet cable, it can run into electromagnetic interference.

Electromagnetic interference can come from large appliances, fluorescent lighting, or even power lines that are close by. Electromagnetic interference can cause disruptions to your data transmission and degrade the signal transfer speed. The best way to protect against electromagnetic interference is to install shielded cables.

Shielded ethernet cables are more costly to install, but they can protect your business from slow network speeds. The main advantages to unshielded wires are that they are smaller, easier to install, and do not need to be grounded.

However, shielded ethernet cables can promise a more reliable connection. Mixing shielded and unshielded ethernet cables within the same installation is frowned upon. We recommend installing shielded ethernet cables if your budget allows for it. This will give you peace of mind for your future networking requirements.

A business could come to a standstill if you experience significant disruptions to your network, significantly impacting your bottom line. Although you could save money on the installation today, it could become costly once you experience network disruptions.

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