Office Fiber Cabling Company DC NY AtlantaAs discussed in Part 1, selecting between copper and fiber optic cabling depends on your company’s network and business requirements. Part 2 will discuss Transmission Speeds & Distances, Security, and Reliability. Make sure to work with a professional and experienced cabling provider to obtain the best results.

Transmission Speeds & Distances

For a comparison of transmission speeds, it is the velocity of photons over fiber optic against the velocity of electrons over copper. Moving at the speed of light, photons are far faster than electrons, which can only move 1% as fast over copper. Transmissions over fiber optic cable actually travels 31% slower than the speed of light, which far exceeds the velocity of electrons.

Fiber optic does not have the 100 meter distance limitation of unshielded twisted pair copper cabling functioning without booster. Fiber optic is capable of distances of 550 meters for 10 Gbps multi-mode and a maximum of 40 kilometers for single-mode cable.


As fiber optic cables are not transmitting electricity, they do not radiate signals that can be tapped. In contrast, copper cables utilize electricity, and they are vulnerable to tapping, which may result in a complete system failure.

A fiber optic cable that is damaged or ruptured can be found rapidly through several monitoring techniques involving the power transmission or pilot signal. In addition to lacking monitoring techniques that are time effective, copper cable transmitting electricity can totally short out and maybe even ignite a fire when it is defective or damaged.


Significantly less vulnerable to its environment, fiber optic cable is much more reliable than copper cable. It is also not susceptible to electro-magnetic fluctuations and temperatures, fiber can be installed beside industrial equipment, unlike copper. Over two kilometers, copper undergoes significant quality degradation, while fiber optic cable will transmit data very reliably. As a testament to its dependability and durability, fiber optic cabling is used to connect continents, transmitting data while submerged at great depths.

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